What kind of private key/recovery phrase can be imported?

1.Private Key Format​

It supports the import of private keys in WIF format. The private key in WIF format is the standard private key export format of blockchain wallets. It starts with L or K and has a length of 52 characters.

*Note: The number "0", the uppercase letter "O", the uppercase letter "I", and the lowercase letter "l" are not used in the private key in WIF format.

For example:


2.Recovery Phrase Format

Only support mnemonic words that comply with the BIP32, BIP39, and BIP41 standards.

*Note: The derivation path of Neo3 mnemonic is m/44'/888'/0'/0/0 because the currency is different (Bitcoin currency is 0, Neo currency is 888), the same mnemonic, import Bitcoin wallet and Neo wallet will get different private keys, which is normal.

For example:

test cruise rely brand crazy spoon soda flee congress spawn lady curious

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